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Alison James

Candace Craven and Penelope Thomas form the writing team, 'Alison James' .

[Candace Craven lives in the high desert of California with two built-in editor-critics-- her daughter, Alia, 21years old and her son, Duncan, 17 years old., both of whom help with the "comma problem." Candace was the writer for the radio version of Soap Talk, has written numerous radio commercials, cable tv pilots and some dreadful poetry. She has been a Regency fanatic since discovering Georgette Heyer at the tender age of 14. She has worked as a clown, a radio news person, and a cable TV dance show host. Currently, she is a fifth grade teacher, a science coach and was fortunate enough to experience NASA Space Camp. She loves sword fighting and often "gets the point" from her fellow fencers. This is her first published novel.]

[Penelope Thomas lives on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. She spends her days hunched over her computer, tapping out stories on the keyboard, while her seven cats and twelve-year old Lab/collie mix look over her shoulder and offer unsolicited criticism. To date, she has written five historical/gothic romances (published by Harper Paperbacks), and this is her first foray into Regency romance and the world of e-book publishing. In her other life, she’s working toward an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.]