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Lauryn Hale

Lauryn Hale has always liked to read. A passion that began with the Sweet Valley High Sisters and Mary Higgins Clark and bloomed into Johanna Lindsey and Elizabeth Lowell. Any book that could be seized, she read! Finally, with a little push from her husband, Lauryn tried her hand at writing and realized she loved it! The Undertaker is her first novel, and she is busily writing on number two. The set will be a trilogy.

Living most of her life in the beautiful state of Colorado, Lauryn has many memories of snow capped mountains, frozen ponds, and sledding carelessly down packed trails. Scenery is not a problem in her writing, all she has to do is close her eyes and remember the wind whipping through her hair, blinding her eyes with tears and her and her brothers howls of laughter!

With three beautiful children and a fabulous husband, Lauryn Hale has many role models for her stories. In the next story, The Decoy, the large "mountain man" is inspired by her husband. The Undertaker was a story from her heart, a painstaking, but necessary, job of voicing the life of characters she has forever created in her mind.

She credits her husband with many a nights of listening patiently as she rambled on and on about Kristian this, and Dean that. Then of course she would change her mind and go in another direction, the whole time he listened, feigning interest and smiling in appreciation. Without him the whole thing may not have began and for that she dedicates The Undertaker to him.