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Marti Siddons

You've probably thrown away something Marti Siddons has written.

A professional writer for 25 years, Siddons wrote direct mail, a career she enjoyed until it occurred to her one day that most of her work was probably ending up in the trash. Why else do they call it junk mail?

So she switched to romance and has never looked back.

Courting Oklahoma is Siddons's fifth book and her first to be published electronically. Siddons is a native Oklahoman and her romantic tales are set in the fictitious town of Bantam situated in northeast Oklahoma where anything can happen -- and does. Her characters are the good, imperfect people you meet every day searching for the perfect love, and finding it through hard work, a gentle touch, and a hefty dose of humor.

Give Courting Oklahoma a try. Then watch for Waltzing Tennessee and Loving Missouri. Is there a pattern here?

Siddons is married and the mother of two teenage boys and two naughty pugs. She loves nothing better than a good book (or a good man -- her husband, of course) on a rainy afternoon.