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Patty Deans

Patty Deans' talent for imaginative, believable premises showed early when, as a sub-teenager, she wrote, rehearsed and produced stage shows by the neighborhood children for the enjoyment of a captured audience of their parents. At twenty-one, supervising sixty people at a midwest armed services records center punch-card operation (forerunner to computers) exposed her early on to personalities of future characters. At Harvard University, she taught computer science, including programming, writing manuals, evaluating software, while managing the computer library. She has written numerous reviews published nationally of non-fiction books for writers and aspiring writers. In Iraq before the Gulf War, she lived near the Tigris River serving as liaison between the Baghdad/Iraq police officials, U.S.Embassy, and her architect husband and his multi-national staff overseeing construction of 122 major university buildings. Doing a job usually done by a man in their society, she earned their respect and accolade of "Mister Madame!" She knew the best way for western expatriates to flee the country in case of encroaching war or insurrection. She learned a culture, logic, and religious attitude different from the west's and, again, enriched her store of character traits. In her words, "it was my trip on a flying carpet!"