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White Oaks
Daughter of the Dragon
by Connie Crow

Gold fever grips Florence, Idaho, in 1867. Another great gold rush and people have come from all over the world; ruthless men, scheming women and people on the run. Against this backdrop, Sun Lee Chaikov fights to save her home and her life, when her Russian-born father disappears and one of those ruthless men claims their property and her. She struggles to protect herself, her Chinese grandmother and an orphaned toddler she's taken in.

Captain Noah Stewart comes to Florence to find his sister and to face down his father and his past. A runaway in his youth, he's roamed the world for the past ten years as a sea captain. He arrives to find his sister dead and her boy being cared for by Sun Lee, a feisty almond-eyed beauty, who is in great danger, but who "doesn't need any help, thank you very much."

He's drawn to her and into a world of intrigue as they struggle to find out who killed his sister and what happened to her father. Their instant attraction ignites into wanton passion, pulling them together when logic threatens to tear them apart. As they search for answers, they discover a secret society, a past war, and an undercover trade more precious than gold. Noah must make his peace with his past and Sun Lee must learn to trust someone other than herself in order to claim this overwhelming love as they move in the Shadow of the Dragon.

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Connie Crow
Connie Crow has always been a writer. Her first essay was published when she was in grade school -- an essay protesting the demolition of a historic building, from the building’s point of view. She has been a pioneer in the e-book arena, signing her first e-contract in 1995. She has had four novels published in both e-book and print format with a fifth due out in October of 2008.

She continues to work to introduce authors as well as readers to the “Brave New World” of e-publishing. Connie was one of the charter members of EPIC (the Electronically Published Internet Connection), a group of e-published authors who have organized to promote and encourage the new publishing medium on the Internet.

Connie lives in Bellevue, NE, with a three-year old Brittany and an indulgent husband of 44 years. He brings her cocoa, gives her a kiss on the cheek and goes away quietly, to let her spin her stories.


"...good historical detail. Her research includes how sailors came to wear a gold hoop earing and why they grew their hair long. I had trouble putting it down." Reviewed by Deborah Brent for Romantic Times magazine, 4 STARS!

"...a compelling story of good versus evil. With colorful characters such as: Ma Bei Ling, the match-making Asian grandmother, Daniel, a toddler whose favorite word is 'mine', and Sadie, the washed-out saloon harlot, you can't help but keep turning the pages. Alongside a plot that turns a ship's captain into an Idaho deputy, and sends women storming out of houses brandishing shotguns, who could do anything but love DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON. Connie Crow has outdone herself with a capital performance." Reviewed by Kerri Wall, for The Word on Romance

"...a mythical adventure in the ways of the old west where lawlessness reigns and friendships are everlasting. A book worth reading on a cold winter's night. Brenda Ramsbacher, for Scribblers


Cold gray streaks of sunlight snaked in across the cabin floor. Noah blinked awake. The rain had stopped. He froze, realizing he still had Sun Lee securely in his arms. The memory of the previous night's passion crashed into his consciousness.

"Good, Lord. What have you started?"

He looked at the beautiful face, serene in repose beside him. The memory of the fireball he'd held the night before seared into his mind. What a woman. He'd never made love like that before. And she evidently never had either. "Now what, mate? What are you going to say when she wakes up? A ship is no place for a woman, not even one this independent."

He eased his arm from beneath her head. He would have to wake her soon. They couldn't stay here. He glanced toward the door. Telltale marks on the floor caught his eye.

"What the...?" He eased out of bed, staring, frowning as he grabbed his clothes. Dressing quietly, he followed the marks. Bending down, he scraped up a flake of the brownish trace. "Sure looks like blood to me."

Two tracks, each one a little wider than his boot, ran from the middle of the room to the door. A glint from a crack in the floor demanded his attention. Reaching down, he dislodged a coin, a fairly shiny coin . "This hasn't been here long."

Straightening up, he shook his head, looking back at the tracks. Bits of conversation linked in his mind . "Poker game -- mine deed -- fight -- table upset."

If these were what he thought they were, Sun Lee needed to sleep a while longer. Easing the door open, he slipped outside and stared at the surrounding forest. "If I were dragging a body, where would I go to hide it?"